National Account Executive

TinyEYE Therapy Services is searching the United States for a National Account Executive to join our team. The role you would play at TinyEYE is to seek out and create business opportunities with schools that have hard to fill SLP vacancies.

TinyEYE was founded in 2005 by Greg Sutton and Marnee Brick, brother and sister, to overcome the frustration with the amount of time Marnee spent driving to do her job as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Her travel time and struggle to see all of her clients in a day and then having her work day spill into her evening, was the catalyst for creating the world’s first online speech therapy company. There had to be a way to ensure every child has equal access to quality services, regardless of where they live. 

Since then, TinyEYE has grown to deliver more than 100,000 student-focused therapy sessions to children all over the world – with amazing results. Communication is essential for participating in our world. The children we serve grow to fully participate in their lives as confident, competent communicators. They engage in learning at school, develop the confidence to join peer groups, and partake in sports and other recreational activities. They have a voice and make a choice – all because they can communicate.

The additional team member we are seeking to support our culture, mission, and enthusiasm would best be described as follows:

You are a driven and tenacious individual with a long and consistent history of overcoming obstacles, finding opportunities that others miss, and applying your strong work ethic to whatever you do. Your friends would describe you as a caring individual with a strong dedication to your values and having an admirable character. You are a self-starter whose coachability makes you an excellent team member. Your endless pursuit of self-development and learning has led you to many successful experiences. You are able to work independently with little supervision. You have the patience and dedication to commit to new account development and you are available to work extended hours as needed. You have a strong understanding of how the achievement of individual goals supports the greater mission of team success.

TinyEYE offers a competitive compensation package that includes a base plus lucrative commission structure. You will be required to travel approximately 12 weeks of the year, averaging one week per month. You will enjoy the luxury of working from home. Preferred candidates should have over 5 years of sales experience, a college degree, and a successful track record. Requirements include a clean criminal record, valid driver’s license, and passport.

If reading the above spoke to you and created excitement surrounding the impact you can have by joining the TinyEYE Team – we want to hear from you! Please send your resume and cover letter to Audra at