Become a TinyEYE SLP Who Works From Home


TinyEYE’s SLP Dream Team is among the best in the world at engaging children and eliciting speech therapy success! We hire speech therapists as well as provide CFY placements for speech-language pathologists. As the first established telepractice speech therapy services provider, TinyEYE has developed the most advanced, award winning, online speech therapy platform. Commonly referred to as telepractice, TinyEYE uses online speech therapy, to connect our elite team of SLPs to students around the world.

Our therapists are valued members of our carefully selected SLP Dream Team. We value character, skill, and spark. We look for vibrant SLPs that are passionate about making a difference and know how to make children feel like they are the most important people in the world. We want each of our students to look forward to a TinyEYE Day with our elite team of therapists. TinyEYE provides comprehensive training, ongoing mentorship, and the tools you need to succeed. Your students look forward to their time with you as you turn them into experts in their target area. Your schools are grateful to partner with you as, together, you are truly making a difference for these children. TinyEYE offers:

* Full time positions
* Part time positions
* Casual positions
* Supervision for your CFY

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