Lifestyle Benefits of Teletherapy

Teletherapy is a wonderful option for speech and occupational therapy needs

Teletherapy Benefits

Now that we’re living in a transitional post-covid world, we realize many schools are either back and forth from teaching on-site or virtually due to lockdowns or slowly making their way back into classrooms for adapted on-site learning

So what does this mean for speech and occupational therapy? It means: schools now can go back to choosing between on-site, virtual, or a combination of both and that can be a difficult decision to make.

It’s important to remember that the quality of therapy is influenced by much much more than just the mode of delivery – the most important part of providing the best therapy for students is to have the best-matched therapist for their needs. Let’s explore the different types of benefits surrounding teletherapy…

To be honest, there are so many lifestyle benefits of teletherapy that we don’t even have the space to name them all. But, here are a few benefits that we hold close to our hearts!

✦ With teletherapy, instability can be a seamless experience.
– In the event your school goes virtual due to the pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances, online therapy doesn’t have to pause and compliance requirements are met.

✦ There is great flexibility with teletherapy.
– If caseloads, schedules, or any other factor changes for schools or students, online therapy can easily adapt and scale to needs with little notice.
– Students and therapists no longer need to lug around paperwork, therapy props, and other accessories for each session. – There is no commute and no wasted time in between sessions. It’s a truly green solution!

✦ Convenience is another benefit.
Therapy can be done at school, at home, or in mixed settings. Therapy schedules can be adapted to the student’s availability and can be completed outside of school hours when needed.

✦ You’d have a wider selection of therapists.
– With online therapy location is no longer a determining factor in the availability of quality therapy. Due to its virtual nature, students have access to a larger pool of specialists to find the right therapist for their needs

Most importantly ENGAGEMENT is another great benefit.
– Our therapists use games, activities, even “dance parties” to give your kids the sessions they will look forward to. Online therapy gives all students access to a larger selection of games and therapy props to find what works best for them, versus the limited prop/game selection for in-person settings.
– We keep adding more exciting, dynamic & engaging material to our library.
– It’s also engaging for parents! Many find it easier to be involved in and informed of their child’s progress
– Some find that teletherapy may reduce anxiety for those uncomfortable with in-person interactions. 
– You can have access to online support groups and resources that can assist therapy or practice.

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