Efficient and Effective

ASHA reports that a typical school-based therapist spends 68% of their work hours providing direct therapy. The rest of their time is spent on planning, reporting and travel. TinyEYE has automated much of the planning and reporting as well as eliminated the travel time which allows our therapists to invest more of their billable hours providing direct therapy, in addition to providing:

These little extras result in greater, faster gains for the student driving toward the ultimate goal – graduating them from their speech or occupational therapy program and empowering them to thrive in their daily life activities.

School Guide

Download TinyEYE’s guide to find out how online therapy can provide effective services to the students at your school

Getting Started

All you need to start online Speech or Occupational Therapy at your school is a computer with a webcam, a headset, and a high speed internet connection.
Initial Meeting(s)

A TinyEYE Representative will meet with your Special Education Team regarding the overall therapy goals and special requirements of your schools. The result is a plan that supports your overall therapy goals within the limits of your available resources.

Online Therapy Information Session
Online Therapy Contracts are Easy with TinyEYE
Service Agreement

TinyEYE's service agreement will need to be signed off on by your school jurisdiction. The agreement is student- focused, with the intent of setting clear expectations with no surprises. Invoices are sent out monthly for the actual amount of time utilized, broken down to the minute.

Student Planning and Scheduling

The TinyEYE Team works with your staff to determine the number of students requiring assessments and intervention. Therapists will follow existing IEPs where they exist, and work with each students support team to develop an IEP where they do not. TinyEYE will collaborate with you to create a weekly schedule and plan that supports your goals and resources.

IEPs with Online Therapy - TinyEYE makes it easy
Online Therapy Consent Forms are easy with TinyEYE
Consent for Therapy

TinyEYE strives to make it as simple as possible for you to obtain consent from your students' parents, while ensuring that appropriate measures are followed. Once your TinyEYE online Speech-Language Pathologist or online Occupational Therapist has been carefully selected for your school, this is also an opportunity to introduce parents to their child's therapist.

Technical Check

The TinyEYE Team coordinates with each school's support staff to ensure that technical requirements are in place and that school staff involved in your students' care are able to log in to sessions and access reporting.

Tech Support for Online Therapy is free with TinyEYE
Kids Love Online Therapy with TinyEYE
Start Therapy

Begin therapy with TinyEYE! After therapy begins, your sessions will be regularly audited by our quality assurance team to ensure that we are always providing the best service possible.

Our commitment to you is our commitment to your students. Every action we take is directed toward improving student outcomes and creating efficient, scalable services that make a difference in the lives of each and every one of your therapy students.

TinyEYE has the Therapist You've Been Waiting For.

No longer, do you have to wait for a therapist applications, hiring the first resume that comes through the door. TinyEYE’s online model allows you to effectively secure highly qualified and effective Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists that are licensed in your state or province.

By tapping into our large pool of qualified online therapists, you can access an experienced therapist who is ideally suited to your program with the assurance of consistent, quality sessions for your students. Our vast team of therapists offers specialized skills to match your student needs. We also provide full bilingual coverage including assessments, direct therapy, and reporting in Spanish, French, Creole, and Dutch.

We only contract the very best therapist to serve your students. Our online therapists are carefully selected based on character, skill and spark:

We don’t stop there. Your TinyEYE Therapist receives regular, specialized training for continuous growth and improvement. Your online speech and occupational therapy sessions are regularly audited by our quality assurance team to ensure that we are always providing the best service possible. Progress reports are audited and completed within 48 hours of each session so you are never left waiting on reports.

With TinyEYE you not only receive an amazing therapist, you gain access to the knowledge and skills of an entire team.

Keeping Your Schools in Compliance

TinyEYE therapists are service specialists. Online speech-language pathology and occupational therapy is an approved delivery model by ASHA, AOTA, SAC, and CAOT. Our therapists have region-specific licensing and certifications, and provide customized services based on the requirements and recommendations in each state or province.

The TinyEYE system allows therapists to easily customize lessons and reporting to match the needs of your state as well as your school. Whether you are a wide-reaching educational cooperative, a school division, a Montessori school, a small charter school, or anything in between, we can customize services to match your needs.

TinyEYE has the success and safety of our students in mind. We are fully COPPA, HIPAA & FERPA compliant. Our systems and processes are audited on a regular basis to ensure your students’ information is safe and secure.

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Eliminate Windshield Time:
Therapists connect instantly to your students, regardless of geographic location

Streamline planning & reporting:
TinyEYE’s system allows therapists to reduce the amount of time spent on planning and reporting, while still customizing each session to the needs of each student. TinyEYE SLPs and OTs spend an average of 85% of billed time in therapy with students in comparison to an average rate of 68% by traditional, on-site therapists.

Optimize caseloads:
On-site therapy requires that you have enough therapists to cover your caseload. Often, that means hiring excess capacity to manage fluctuations. TinyEYE allows you to pay for only the therapy hours you use and adjust your services based on your changing needs.

Use state-of-the-art tools & supplies: The TinyEYE platform is constantly being improved and our therapists are regularly learning new therapy techniques. We bring the most innovative and effective therapy methods to you.

Seeing is Believing

TinyEYE Services are best experienced in person. In order to get a snapshot of how TinyEYE uses innovation in telepractice to grow smiles and mend spirits, we would love for you to see it for yourself. If your school is considering TinyEYE online speech or occupational therapy, sign up to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation and live demonstration.

Frequently Asked Questions

TinyEYE’s online therapy is simple! All you need is a computer with a webcam, a headset, and a high-speed internet connection.

The hourly rate for online therapy varies based on therapist cost and the typical rate for therapy within each region. To get a quote for your caseload, contact your area representative at 1-877-846-9393.

TinyEYE’s online services specialize in serving the developmental age of 3-21 years old. While our platform is designed for the K-12 population, each activity is highly customizable and our therapists specialize in providing relevant content to achieve great results. 

Yes. In fact, TinyEYE works with many different school districts, cooperatives and charter schools, large and small. Our team specializes in providing services for a wide variety of students across many geographic areas – providing quality, custom therapy services and creating efficiencies. 

TinyEYE audits each of our online therapists to ensure that sessions are completed, students are progressing, and reporting is accurate. If there are any issues, this audit system allows us to correct them. Additionally, our virtual office and reporting practices guarantee transparency: by logging into your virtual office you will get a real-time update, 24/7 on the state of your therapy program. 

An eHelper can be an educational assistant, a tutor, a volunteer, a teacher, a parent, or another therapist. This person is responsible for bringing students to their sessions from their classrooms, getting students logged into their sessions, and ensuring that there are no distractions or interference on the student’s side. Speech Therapy eHelpers can be working on other things while a TinyEYE session is in progress. For Occupational Therapy, eHelpers may need more hands-on involvement. eHelpers are an essential component of your students’ achievement. Our TinyEYE therapists work closely with eHelpers to establish a partnership plan for the year. We value our eHelpers and we are grateful for their contributions to our students’ overall experience. 

Yes, we can support any academic skill and move at the pace requested by the school. We have access to all Common Core Standards for each state, and can tailor our lessons according to those standards. 

TinyEYE provides online Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy services to students with all disabilities and disorders. We can work in consultation with school staff for students with significant needs, or an educational assistant can help the student participate. We also create individualized lesson plans and activities for each student to match their learning style. 

There are multiple ways to keep students engaged, but it all starts with the right therapist. TinyEYE carefully selects our Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists considering not only their expertise, but also their enthusiasm and ‘spark’. Activities are chosen and customized based on the learning needs and interests of each student, so many students forget that they are in therapy altogether! Our students feel safe, capable, and empowered to fully engage in their learning. 

After each session, your TinyEYE therapist creates a session report highlighting the skills that were worked on, any notes to the parents, and next steps. These are available in each student’s online backpack, which also contains activities for the students to practice with their parents between sessions. TinyEYE Therapists can also participate in meetings and consultations with students’ parents. Additionally, therapists can create video messages to students and parents using video clips from actual therapy sessions. Add it up, and your students’ parents will be engaged in their child’s therapy like never before! 

Yes. Your therapist will attend meetings remotely, through video conferencing or a conference call. 

No! In fact, there are pockets across North America where there is either an excess of therapists for the number of positions available, or more commonly – not enough therapists to fill the number of positions available. TinyEYE helps to balance this by employing a combination of therapists from your state, therapists from other states, and military spouses overseas to find the best quality therapist for you, and the best balance of therapists within a region. 

Small schools often face small or variable caseloads, meaning that they need to find a part-time therapist, or hire a full-time therapist who may not have a full-time caseload. TinyEYE allows you to “hire” an online therapist for only the amount of time that you need – and remain flexible to shift as those needs change. 

The quality of our therapists drive the successful outcomes of our students. Therapists must complete training and achieve our performance standards before meeting with your students. Then, our quality assurance infrastructure enables us to continuously track and act based on our student progress and therapist performance during sessions and throughout the year. 

TinyEYE has worked with many Montessori schools. With experience in serving Montessori schools, we are flexible to meet your individual needs – including putting our therapists through your onboarding and training program. 

  • Once you have committed to receiving therapy from TinyEYE, our team will contact you to: 
  • Obtain consent forms for each student who will be receiving therapy 
  • Conduct a systems check on the computer(s) to be used for therapy 
  • Train your eHelper(s) on how to use the TinyEYE system. 
  • These processes are in place to ensure that your therapy goes smoothly and sends your students on their paths to success! 

TinyEYE has confidentiality policies in place on behalf of our students, therapists, schools and employees, in addition to standard policies for secure information management 

Yes! TinyEYE is FERPA, HIPAA and COPPA-compliant, and our systems are monitored regularly to ensure continued compliance. 

A typical therapy session is 20-30 minutes; however, we will see students at the frequency and duration highlighted in their IEPs. 

Yes! We typically serve group sizes of 2 – 3 students. We can also accommodate classrooms – contact us directly to discuss group sizes and room set-up. 

We can use many of the standard assessments that you are already familiar with as well as doing informal assessments. Our therapists make the same assessment decisions as they would if they were standing in your school. They have access to a large inventory of current standardized assessments and they are also competent with administering informal assessments. Our therapists have the tools to ethically administer both options through our online format. 

Yes! We can provide services in multiple languages – including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Utilizing a bilingual therapist for the assessment of ESL students is very beneficial. 

Yes. We will report and provide information in any way that the school requests. eHelpers also have password-protected access with their school login to all of the same reporting as our therapists.