Online Therapy Services: Assessments through Discharge

Engage the student’s team in discharge planning to accelerate success; join in the celebration our schools have when our students graduate from TinyEYE.

Online Therapy Services: Assessments through Discharge

“Online therapy services contribute to the ultimate health of a school system. ~Marnee


Our Students' High Five Board Our Students’ High Five Board


Myth: Two people, who have never been in the same room, cannot develop a bond nor a achieve a common mission.

Fact: It is amazing what can happen when people share the same goals, especially when a child is the beneficiary.HIGH FIVE HAND

I remember the day I visited one of our schools. As the special education director walked with me through the playground at recess, I stopped in my tracks. There she was – our ehelper! Without saying a word, we walked towards each other and shared a great hug – and I nearly cried. Our aligned dedication to the children has driven everything we have done so far. We did not need an introduction and we did not require words to share what that means to us. This school is a wonderful example of how our therapists become part of the school family and how online services contribute to the ultimate health of a school system. For this community, we provide numerous services.


Screening and Referral Support: To ensure the school’s funding is allocated to children who are in need of therapy support, we provide tools and guidance for identifying children who would benefit from further services, while suggesting alternatives for children who do not have the red flags (i.e. instead they have age appropriate errors).

Assessments: Standardized and informal assessments for all children – verbal and non-verbal.

Therapy: Daily sessions within their four community schools; ehelpers trained to enrich the experience; align with other professionals who serve the students.

Teacher Consultation: Collaboration on environment, assistive technology, infusing language and literacy into routines, and overall class achievement; establish tools and resources for teachers that are relevant to the classroom culture; partner in the development of goals and performance plans.


TinyEYE Graduates TinyEYE Graduates


Student Consultation: Establish strategies and systems (i.e. augmentative communication, social stories) for children who do not attend direct therapy; drive outcomes for these students through partnering with the student’s school care team.

Home Connection: Involve parents; provide weekly video and written updates; enthuse students to access their online home practice program…and to use their emerging skills in a way that is meaningful to them.

Discharge: Engage the student’s team in discharge planning to accelerate success; join in the celebration our schools have when our students graduate from TinyEYE.


hand about to jumpWhen I first traveled to our communities years ago, I would trace the hands of our students so that I could bring back a high five from them. These hand prints inspire our work everyday – we know that every decision we make and every action we take must benefit our students. Near the top of jumpthis blog, you can see one of our high five boards that a school created and shared with us. Look at those hands! Those are our students…our purpose.

This summer, many of our team came together for our retreat. Have you ever been more brave for someone else than you could ever be for yourself? Well – a group of us were so pumped up about our advocacy for our students that we decided to honor them in a really bold way. Holding our “high five hand”, we (safely) jumped off the highest tower in town! We can literally boast that our hearts beat wildly for our students!

We are always interested in welcoming experienced, passionate occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists to our team. If you believe in improving children’s lives through online occupational therapy or online speech therapy services, reach out to TinyEYE. As you can see, the sky is the limit with TinyEYE 🙂

With gratitude and joy,
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Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy

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