Interesting & Engaging

Activities that are specifically tailored to your child’s specific interests and learning goals, to get your child excited about therapy, every time.

Highly Qualified

TinyEYE therapists have an average of 12 years’ experience and are matched with your child based on specialized skills that align with therapy goals.

Fully Supported

We’re in the business of helping people. That’s why we have a full support team available behind the scenes during every therapy session.

Affordable & Accessible

Priced at only $100/hour, TinyEYE therapy can be accessed from anywhere with a computer, webcam and high-speed internet connection.

Insurance Approved

TinyEYE’s online speech, occupational therapy and mental health services are reimbursable by most insurance and benefit providers.

How it Works:

1. You provide details about your child & therapy goals.

2. We match you with a TinyEYE Therapist based on your needs.

3. You set a schedule that works for you.

4. We ensure you are satisfied with therapy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

TinyEYE therapy services are offered at a rate of $100/hr, billed to the minute to ensure that you are only paying for services you receive. Sessions can be anywhere from 20-60 minutes, dependant on your child’s needs. 

It depends. Many insurance providers have recently increased coverage to include virtual therapy. The amount of coverage differs by location, provider, and your plan. If you are concerned about services being covered by insurance, please confirm with your insurance provider directly. 

You need a high-speed internet connection (e.g. you can watch Netflix or HD YouTube videos without interruptions) and a device (preferably a desktop or laptop computer) with a camera, microphone, and speaker, or a headset to receive high-quality online therapy. 

TinyEYE specializes in services for school-aged children. While there are some specific skills (e.g. swallowing) that are not appropriate for online therapy, the vast majority of children and skills are not only appropriate for online therapy, they excel in an online therapy environment! 

TinyEYE private online therapy is customizable based on the needs of your child. Much like at-school or clinic-based therapy, your child will have a scheduled time to meet with an assigned therapist. At this time, you will log on to TinyEYE’s private, web-based therapy platform to connect live with your child’s therapist – from there the fun and learning begin! 

If your child has an existing education plan, your therapist will reference the plan to determine the most effective activities for your child. If not, your therapist can conduct either a formal or an informal assessment in order to ensure that your child is getting the most out of his or her sessions. 

Yes! In fact, TinyEYE’s online therapy program has been studied and proven in clinical trials. 

Yes. TinyEYE takes are to ensure that you are matched with a therapist who is highly qualified, licensed in your state or provinces, and experienced in online therapy. We have been providing online therapy in schools and homes for 15 years, and are well-prepared to ensure your child has the best quality care possible. 

Online therapy is a lot of fun! Children engage in interactive activities that are specific to the skill that they are working on. To see example therapy sessions, please click to visit our YouTube Channel for videos

Yes. If your child has an existing IEP or education plan in place and you are able to provide a copy of it, TinyEYE’s therapist will select activities that support your child’s plan. 

If you do not have an existing plan in place or are not able to locate it, we can provide an assessment for your child or work with you to determine the most appropriate activities for your child. 

Your initial payment of $100 is due via Paypal prior to the first session. This is used on your child’s first session and/or any required assessment or screening. If there is any remaining balance it will be applied to subsequent sessions. 

After the initial payment, payment is due for your child’s therapy after each session. The number of sessions per week depends on your child’s needs. Most commonly, children receive 20-30 minutes of therapy per week. 

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