Work From Home Advice

Our TinyEYE team shares some work from home inspiration and tips

As a company whose mission is to grow smiles, mend spirits and engage children in their lives, you just know we have some pretty special people on our team.  Our team is full of individuals who uplift those around them and make TinyEYE such a wonderful place to work.

Our TinyEYE team created the world’s first online therapy platform and we have helped thousands of children to thrive in their lives.  We are passionate about creating a culture of belonging, recognition and achievement for all of our colleagues. Did you know that most of our team works their magic while working from home? As working from home begins to be the new normal for a lot of people, our team was already reaping the benefits from the work from home lifestyle. Here are some work from home tips from one of our Marketing TinyEYE team members, Sabrina.  

1) How do you stay connected with your peers and your clients?  
Teams is my best friend! Quick chats, video calls to keep things “human” and an easy interface makes it easy to stay connected.

2) What Does a Typical Day Look Like For You?  
That depends on what major projects we have going on! I would say everyday is a mix of strategic planning, putting myself in the customers’ shoes and taking a step back to understand their realities, creative writing or design on campaigns, analyzing numbers and partnering with colleagues to develop exciting content for our customers. 

3) Have You Learned Anything About Yourself Since You Started Working Remotely?  
Glasses can cover up any bad night’s sleep on camera haha! 

4) It’s Lunchtime : What’s on the menu for you? 
I love making healthy salads and smoothies for lunch since I have access to my “fresh” produce all day long! 

5) Any Tips and Tricks for anyone just starting remote work?  
Plan your day just as you would working outside of the house. Get into a healthy routine and keep it up every day. And don’t forget to take 5 mins here and there to get to know your coworkers – it makes work so much more fun.

6) Best part about working from home? 
Coffee on tap!!! And my kitten coming to say hello every hour or so.

7) Tell us something special about your home office?  
Essential oils or candles. Being in my own space gives me the opportunity to set up a calming and productive work environment that helps me get into a groove (and into my own little happy world).  

8) Do you have any pets that keep you company?  
I sure do! I have a little ball of energy; an Egyptian Mau kitten called Miku. She thinks she owns the place and that I’m just there to pay the bills, feed her and pet her on demand. I mean, she is right. We’re making it work. And I love every second of it.

Thanks for sharing your work from home tips Sabrina. We are so grateful for our employees and if you are interested in becoming a therapist with us or a member of our corporate team, please click HERE to visit our careers section.