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Montana Special Olympics

    Every year, TinyEYE provides a donation to the Montana Special Olympics in honor of Laura Jo McKamey. Laura Jo was a leader in speech therapy in Montana, and well known throughout the United States. Laura Jo was actively involved in the Special Olympics, and saw her son AJ compete for several years. She […] Big Book of Exclamations

I was honored to be contacted by Teri Kaminski-Peterson, MS, CCC-SLP, a speech-language pathologist specializing in early intervention and pre-k. She is the author of The Big Book of Exclamations, an innovative new children’s book designed to promote speech sound development and imitation of gestures, sounds, and words.

Top Five Priorities of Online Therapy Excellence: Students

Our goal is to partner with our students to design the world’s best therapy experience, which will help them to joyfully participate in their lives today and in the future. How do we achieve this goal? To accelerate progress from service initiation through a triumphant outcome, therapists must invest creative effort into understanding their students. Beyond all of the clinical knowledge we gather, TinyEYE therapists seek to understand the world of each student. This post shares additional considerations.

Five Top Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence: Therapists of Distinction

Retaining a team of highly engaged, high performing therapists is key to our students’ outcomes and our customers’ experience. This post shares a system for creating a team of distinguished therapists who contribute to service excellence, while enjoying a rewarding career path.