Gift Ideas To Encourage Speech

These are all great suggestions to get your sweet kids talking!

It’s that time of year again (well, almost!). If they haven’t already, your children will soon be making their list for Santa Claus, and holiday presents can be a great opportunity to buy toys that will help develop your child’s communication skills. 

We know that play skills are fundamental for communication development. Children learn language, speech and social rules through play, such as turn-taking, joint attention, and listening skills. Playing with toys also gives parents a wonderful opportunity to model appropriate behavior and label objects and actions. 

Here are some Christmas ideas for your little one! They are all great suggestions to get your sweet kiddos chatting! There is a general theme between all of these gifts – Simple is best!

1) Ditch the battery toys
If the toy requires batteries, you probably don’t want it. You want your kids to make animal noises & phrases, not the toy!

2) Pick Open Ended Toys –
Toys that have no beginning, middle or end. Time for creativity with magnatiles, objects from nature, art supplies, dolls, and cars.

3) Get Back To Basics
Most of these provide a fantastic opportunity for conversation and to ask questions with your kids. For example:
Doll House
Mr. Potato Head
Play Dough
Dress up clothes
Tool Set
Tea Set

This being said, remember your child does NOT need toys upon toys! Believe it or not, children can get overwhelmed with too many toys and can end up moving quickly from one toy to another which can actually limit their language opportunities overall.

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