Managing Children’s Mental Health At School

In today’s complex world, schools are asked to reach beyond academic and physical education to help children learn while overcoming issues from anxiety and depression to PTSD and ADHD, or addiction and self harm. We know mental health greatly influences a child’s ability to thrive, and we want to help! 
TinyEYE’s Mental Health Program provides schools access to qualified mental health professionals, timely assessments, experienced counselors, and customized support tools so you can make a difference in your students’ lives. Whether you need a full suite of mental health support, or assistance serving a growing caseload for your existing staff, TinyEYE offers online access to the support and resources your students need to succeed. 
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The Digital Difference

 Just like onsite therapy, TinyEYE offers children access to the same Psychologist, Social Worker, and Counselor as often as their individual plan requires. With access to TinyEYE’s online therapy platform, our mental health professionals have access to inspiring games and tools to help break through barriers and engage with kids to get the most out of their sessions.

Your Mental Health Solution

From initial assessments to strengthening mental health through weekly counseling support, and reporting that keeps your staff and parents informed, TinyEYE provides experienced professionals willing to work with you, your kids, and their families to grow trust and stability.

1. Assessment
The first step in improving mental health is understanding the issues. TinyEYE’s School Psychology Team works with you and your students through formal assessments to diagnose mental health challenges, so we can understand how best to help each child.

2. Planning
Once we understand what issues a child is struggling with, TinyEYE’s School Psychology and Social Work teams work with students, teachers, and parents to build an individual behavioral support plan.

3. Treatment
TinyEYE customizes the treatment program to help each child meet their social, emotional, or behavioral goals. From play therapy, to problem solving, therapists work through TinyEYE’s proprietary platform to help children engage and grow by doing. Depending on the individual case needs, we offer one-on-one, family, and group counselling services, live, and online, with access to mental health tools, and resources through schools across North America.

4. Management
TinyEYE’s Mental Health Team offers unbiased caseload assessment and management services, working with your team to ensure your children have access to the therapy they require, and the mental health therapy team is able to support each child.

5. Support Systems
Individual reports are created in real-time and are stored on TinyEYE’s secured reporting system, built to meet HIPAA and FERPA requirements. Reports and history for each student is accessible to parents and approved professionals through a confidential login, with 24/7 access to help you support each child.

6. Communication
TinyEYE assigns a support team to each client to ensure all of your needs from the moment you sign the contract, to managing caseload changes, 24/7 tech support, e-helper engagement, parental demos, and even invoicing preferences are easily managed so you can focus on your kids.

Need Help Managing Mental Health in Your School?

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Managing mental health in schools can be simple and effective when you work with a team that cares. Ask our mental health team how we can help your students build the mental skills and strength they need to succeed.