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Our online occupational therapy program brings experienced school-based professionals to teachers, students, and even parents like me.

Finger Boot Camp

Finger Boot Camp

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever fell behind, felt misunderstood or lost out on recording information? My son understands.

Aiden started grade one. He recognized that writing will be a big part of his day. Before now, we valued any expression of his “story” that he put down on paper. Often very abstract and minimalistic, his stories made sense to him. Now, he has to write so others can understand. A typical experience is that he holds his pencil to the paper, sighs, and then plops his head on the desk…he knows the battle ahead. I am grateful that my online occupational therapy team at TinyEYE can offer an army of support for my son and other children who need a solution.

Our online occupational therapy program brings experienced school-based professionals to teachers, students, and even parents like me.

Biggest tip so far: Writing readiness reaps results!

Aiden’s fingers need experiences that will promote stability, “crossing midline”, eye-hand coordination, and intentional movement. With our online occupational therapy program inspiring our pathway, Aiden found joy in ‘creating’ his Finger Boot Camp. No pencils needed … yet!

I have shared a video of Aiden demonstrating some of the Boot Camp activities. At TinyEYE, we believe in growing smiles, mending spirits, and engaging children in their lives. I have watched my son feel safe to try his ideas; feel excited to discover he IS capable; and feel overjoyed to recognize and imagine all he can do. I know that our online occupational therapy program will change children’s lives.


Summary of Aiden’s Camp:

1. Use tongs (tweezers or clothes pins) to move objects into their target location. Aiden’s animals found their way to their barn.

2. Use fingers to place small objects into restricted spaces. Aiden achieved a row in Connect 4.

3. Use fingers to thread an object. Aiden created a Lifesaver and pipe cleaner necklace.

4. Use your hand and fingers to manipulate materials. Aiden created a Play-Doh snake.

Aiden might choose to stick with one activity or make up fun rules for a “extreme boot camp”. He often finds new activities, such as Lego towers, to add to the challenge.

If you feel your child could benefit from support, a great place to start is to consult an occupational therapist. I know that our online occupational therapist will have some valuable coaching for me about how I can further enrich Aiden’s journey and accelerate his achievement.

With gratitude and joy,
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Marnee Brick, MSc

Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy

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Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…

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