Online Speech Therapy First Choice for Customer Service Excellence Award

The winner for customer service excellence is…TinyEYE!

Online Speech Therapy First Choice for Customer Service Excellence Award

Customer service excellence is a goal, a commitment, and ultimately a triumph.

ImageWhen I used to visit the communities we serve, I would trace the hands of our students to bring back a ‘high-five’ to our team. Today, the TinyEYE hand reminds us that every action we take and every decision we make must hold the welfare of our students and schools as paramount. We must bring value to them.

Recently, we were nominated for an award for our customer service. I joined members of our team at a beautiful event that celebrated success in business. For us, we were celebrating success in people. I looked at Holly – she sits with our students for hundreds of sessions a day to ensure they have a quality technical experience. I saw Audra – she brings such special SLPs to our team who consistently show up for our kids…they grow smiles, mend spirits, and engage children in their lives. I saw Tiffany – she reaches out to our communities to learn how we can bring value to their children. I saw Pooyan – he creates games that show our students they are capable, they are worthy, they are magical. I thought of the rest of the team who could not be there…they contribute to our service in such a noble, professional way. Greg was there…my brother and co-founder. He told me eight years ago that telepractice would be the great equalizer in education…it would give all children equal access to quality therapy services. Today, thousands of students have their TinyEYE day every week around the world.


Image Holding onto “the hand of our students”, I was so grateful to accept the award on behalf of TinyEYE.

The time arrived when the winner would be announced. I thought about all of our schools and their staff who partner with us to help the kids. I wished they could be there to celebrate how they have built a comprehensive speech therapy service into their schools and how they are changing their communities through the potential of its children. It has been our privilege to serve them. The winner for customer service excellence is…TinyEYE! With gratitude, I took my TinyEYE hand – the hand of our students – and received the award with glee. It was celebration of people. Ultimately, it was a triumph.

Reflection of the day: Yesterday, I visited one of our communities. Nearly 100 of their children participate in TinyEYE. Celebrating the progress of these children, the special education director and I talked about how we are not only changing the lives of these children, we are changing the future of the community. Imagine our impact in two years, five years, ten years…when a community of capable, engaged youth are contributing to their world and impacting their own futures in a magical way.

The same day, our SLP sent me this message: “Hi Marnee, I just found a former TinyEYE client who is now teaching. He is talking to his students today about his experience with TinyEYE and how it helped him 🙂 Way to go!” ~ Bobbi.

SLP Team – do you see your legacy? This counts. Thank you – thank you so much.

With gratitude and joy,


Marnee Brick, MSc

Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy

TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech Therapy Telepractice)


Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…

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