Empower your Plan Members:

  • Scheduled therapy at any time, right from home.
  • Employees don’t have to miss work or disrupt family time.
  • Employers benefit from more productive, happier employees.
Download collateral to share with your plan members below. Make sure they use the referral code PEOPLECORP when they sign up to receive a 10% discount on services, allowing their benefit dollars to go further.

Download People Corporation
Collateral for Plan Members:

Questions? We’re happy to help! Email: Advisor@TinyEYE.com

No Referral Necessary

A TinyEYE therapist will complete an assessment if your child doesn't already have one, determining the level of therapy needed, goals and objectives.

Immediate Access

Your child's therapist is ready. With our simple sign-up, you can start therapy in as little as one day.

Easy Payment & Claims

Easy online payment. Our detailed receipt allows you to use speech therapy benefits OR your spending plan, depending on what works best for you.

What does Online Therapy Look Like?

Right at home. On your schedule. Fun and engaging.

Download Online Therapy Collateral to Share With Your Plan Members: