Schools Value their Online Speech-Language Pathologists

Our special SLPs intentionally cultivate relationships with their schools, which ultimately accelerates the success of our students.

Online SLPs Build Incredible Relationships with their Schools

Hello Everyone,

A telepractice mImageyth is that it is difficult to build relationships with schools through online speech therapy services. The fact is that our special SLPs intentionally cultivate relationships with their schools, which ultimately accelerates the success of our students. It is “people”, rather than “technology” alone, that make telepractice an incredibly effective platform for improving children’s lives. TinyEYE SLPs have the privilege of partnering with our schools to support all programming needs. Schools experience success with achieving their mandates, while students celebrate success by applying their new skills in a meaningful way.

As the school year closes, we receive messages from our schools that reflect on their experience. With effort, I shortened the list to ten messages! We share these excerpts today in celebration of our therapists, with joy for our students, and with gratitude to our schools.

  1. I am writing to make a very strong request to have Jen be our Speech Therapist for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Jennifer has worked with us (at our high school) over the last two years and we are extremely pleased with her work. She has made and maintained a connection with our students. This was not easy to do as our students are shy and reluctant to form a relationship with a stranger. Now they are at ease with her and really like working with her. This connection has also made student progress very successful; therefore, I want to continue with our relationship next year.
  2. My favorite part is having the students work with such an amazing therapist. My students have done exceptionally well and enjoy their sessions.
  3. We have all been pleased with the TinyEYE program and I believe the success and improvements in our speech program are due to the relationships we have built with the support staff and clinicians from TinyEYE.
  4. My favorite part about being involved with TinyEYE is getting to interact with such friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient people. I think the program is so amazing! Thank you to everyone at the TinyEYE Therapy Services for all of your hard work and dedication to making this program such a success!
  5. TinyEYE is awesome. I enjoy coming in to work every morning because I get to work with such a caring and amazing therapist. Michelle cares so much for our students. Thank you to your team. You all are angels and making such big life changes in these students’ lives.
  6. It has truly been refreshing to work with Lisa. She was always so pleasant and professional with my students. Not to mention, her flexibility was just wonderful! No matter what I requested of her, she would graciously comply and get me what I needed.
  7. TinyEYE is an awesome program. It is wonderful to hear and see the progress with the students and their speech. The students feel more confident, happy and less frustrated now that their peers can understand them. Our SLP was always happy and patient with our students.
  8. My favorite part of TinyEYE was the way that the therapists are able to engage the students in practical activities that truly do help them enhance their communication skills. I was skeptical at first how this could be possible online but my fears were quickly put to rest. The personnel have such a way of enlightening and making the student and teacher feel comfortable with the program and have a good outlook on results generated throughout the session.
  9. Trinity is a great team player. She knows what she is doing and allows me to be a part of the team. Our communication is excellent. The students like her positive attitude and her sense of humor. She is the key to the success we have.
  10. I like the fact that the students are benefiting from the interactive expertise of a Speech and Language Pathologist who zeroes right in on their needs. We can also chat and discuss the student. I am able to sit and provide support to the student along with the SLP as needed.

Reflection of the day: When SLPs join TinyEYE, I tell them to get ready to experience relationships that transcend beyond what they have ever experienced before on their professional journey. I tell them about the pending day when they will find a little frog in their throat, an extra beat in their heart, and a humble pride in their mind. I explain how it will happen the day they realize the legacy they have left with a child and the relationship they have bonded with their school family. It will be a changing day. I cherish the “frog in my throat” stories they eventually send my way.

With gratitude and joy,


Marnee Brick, MSc

Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy

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