Your child has been referred for therapy services. This document shares information about our program. Please complete the consent form to indicate if you do or do not consent to services. Contact Michele Meyer, Manager of Therapy Services, with any questions or concerns: 1-877-846-9393 or You can download an offline version of the form using the button below.

What services will my child receive from my TinyEYE Therapist?

We create student-focused programs. Your child’s services may include one or more of the following:
  • Assessment and Program Planning: This step helps to identify the skills we can build with your child. In addition, it involves creating a service plan, such as an Individual Education Plan, with parents and the school team.
  • Therapy: Your therapist will meet regularly with your child to coach skill development in small, successful steps. We help your child feel excited to learn and to try new skills at home and school, as we achieve goals together.
  • Consultation: We value partnering with educators and parents to help your child thrive in a learning-enriched environment. Consulting with your child’s team is especially helpful when your child may not personally attend regular sessions. We focus on supporting your child’s educators, who will help your child excel during the day.
  • Backpack Practice Program: Your child will receive a password to access his or her online practice Backpack. Inside you will find session reports. In addition, you may have access to practice-games and video clips of your therapist or child. Alternatively, you may request that we send activities and reports home through the school.

How will my child participate in TinyEYE's online therapy sessions?

  • Your child and the therapist will meet online through our password-protected, secure therapy room. They will see and hear each other as they interact with the therapy activities on their computer screens.
  • A school assistant (ehelper) will remain in the room with your child during the sessions.
  • Your child’s therapist will complete a session report within 24 hours of the session. You can access your child’s therapy records using your password, or a hard copy will be sent home.
  • We encourage open, ongoing communication between our therapists and parents. Your therapist’s name, credentials, email address and phone number are listed on the reports.

Who will provide the services?

Your licensed therapist is highly trained and committed to providing specialized service to your child. In some scenarios, a therapist assistant may serve your child under the direction of the TinyEYE therapist. Our therapists participate in regular audits and coaching to ensure we are bringing the best to your child. Your child’s experience and outcomes are important to us.

What are the risks and benefits of an online therapy program?

We created TinyEYE’s secure system and privacy processes to protect the confidentiality of your child, in compliance with privacy protection laws and our professional Code of Ethics.
  • Benefits: Your therapist is focused on helping your child feel successful. Regular participation in the therapy program can help your child make friendships, grow confidence, and experience greater participation in school and life activities. We are focused on achieving goals that are relevant and helpful to your child’s life.
  • Risks: Therapy can increase your child’s awareness of his or her challenges and result in missed class time due to attending sessions. Your therapist is sensitive to these risks and strives to ensure a positive experience.
TinyEYE’s award winning service has been featured in an independent research study confirming the high level of effectiveness of online therapy. Let us know if you require more information. It is our privilege to serve you!

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