Testimonial Category: School

Elsa E.

It is nice working with a great staff who aims to work for a common goal, which is helping our students with speech and language.

Brennan J.

We really enjoy the services and the friendly atmosphere during sessions. I noticed a great improvement on most of the students, and they really liked the activities. The students were very engaged and enthusiastic about coming to the sessions. To add to that, [our therapist] really made the students comfortable and confident during the activities.

Karen S.

TinyEYE is willing to work and adapt to the needs of their clients. They have allowed our school to bring consistent services into our rural area for students who need severe interventions. The staff is friendly and easy to work with [and] are able to develop a program that fits a student’s very specific needs. The progress we have seen since working with TinyEYE is incredible.

Dr. Ira H.

TinyEYE provides an outstanding, professional service that is rivaled by no other telemedicine service provider. The therapists are professional and well-trained in providing online services.

Nancy K.

I have 20+ years’ experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working with children. For the past three school-years, I have had the pleasure and personal growth of serving a school district as a TinyEYE SLP. During this time, I have been able to positively impact more students in a shorter period of time than in any of my past experiences as an onsite therapist… AND have established extremely close relationships with my students!

Kelly M.

The therapist my student was paired up with is very friendly, and the student seemed engaged by his sessions. He even bragged to his friends that he has a teacher that lives in another state! The games they play are very interactive. I feel comfortable trusting our therapist as a professional, because of how organized and clear her goals were.

Christine G.

I attended our therapist’s Triennial this afternoon. It went extremely well! There was a parent who was very resistant to the telepractice model, but our therapist has done an outstanding job building relationships with the mother and child. Happily, the parent signed the IEP and is looking forward to the services for her son. Thank you!

Lu K.

When I [first] started as a director, I was skeptical (to say the least) about TinyEYE. I have been incredibly impressed with everything [TinyEYE has to offer]. I appreciate all you have done to make this a wonderful experience for our kids – providing services with high quality therapists. Thank you so very much!

Carol K.

I cannot thank you enough for making [custom] game set. I used it today [and the] students loved it! It was so fun to see their faces light up when they saw a familiar picture. It promoted great sentences, information sharing and conversations. Students who usually give one-word answers were using whole sentences. They were adding additional information and answering my questions. So fun! Thank you!