Testimonial Category : Therapy

Deanna B.

Le changement le plus impactant a peut-être été l’augmentation de la confiance en moi et de l’estime de soi. Pour la première fois de ma carrière, j’ai trouvé une entreprise qui reconnaît que j’ai plus à apporter que mon diplôme. Les superviseurs et les collègues font un effort pour me connaître, et incorporent d’autres talents et intérêts que je possède afin de contribuer de diverses manières à TinyEYE et aux écoles et étudiants que nous servons. Le soutien, les louanges et la reconnaissance ont été un changement de vie, et me poussent à être meilleur dans ma vie personnelle, et dans la fourniture de services à mes écoles et étudiants. TinyEYE a rendu ma vie meilleure de tant de façons, (trop nombreuses pour les énumérer) et je suis une meilleure personne grâce à cela. Je vous en serai éternellement reconnaissant.

Heather G.

TinyEYE has been the biggest blessing of my career. It allows me to have a flexible schedule so that I can meet my family’s monetary needs, while still being able to participate in family activities. The ability to work from home has made me so much more productive, because I do not waste time driving and creating materials. The TinyEYE platform has also greatly reduced my paperwork time, because notes can be completed in session and progress data is automatically calculated for you.

Ashley S.

My life is stress-free since starting my job with TinyEYE. I am able to make my own schedule and hours, and working from home has allowed me the flexibility to be there for my kids when they need me, volunteer at their school when I may not have been able to, and get a few things done around my home between sessions. It has been a game changer for me!

Lynsey P.

Embrace the feeling of empowerment! When starting in the telepractice world there is a learning curve to the company culture and technology aspects, but don’t let it deter you. TinyEYE Therapy Services provides an immense support system with leaders who strive to promote joy in their therapists! When I worked for the brick and mortar style school district, I would be overwhelmed with numerous Supervisors who would micromanage my workload. Instead TinyEYE empowers their therapists to be therapists by taking the lead on caseload management and knowing the sky (or World Wide Web in this case) is the limit when it comes to creativity in student services!

Sarah E.

Working with TinyEYE has changed my life by allowing me to spend much more time at home with my family! I home school my children and I thought I would have to choose between maintaining my career and educating my children. Now I am able to do both and find the perfect balance!