TinyEYE Connects, Creates and Innovates: A Video Story

TinyEYE delegates are on their way to Las Vegas to participate in the ASHA Schools Conference. This year the theme is: CONNECT, CREATE, INNOVATE!

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.”

~Bill Gates

Hello Everyone,

TinyEYE delegates are on their way to Las Vegas to participate in the ASHA Schools Conference. This year the theme is: CONNECT, CREATE, INNOVATE! I am enthusiastic about the celebration of forward-thinking initiatives! The advances in technology, coupled with the ingenious vision and resourcefulness of S-LPs, provides a never-seen-before platform for service delivery that far exceeds yesterday’s capacity to serve.


A connection is more than drawing a line between two points. It is the strength of that line…it is the integrity of that bond that vitalizes the connection. The bonds that TinyEYE S-LPs form with our students transcends typical therapist-student relationships. Often thousands of miles apart, we meet with our students in a medium that brings us together for consistent, focused, magical moments. Each TinyEYE Day brings a new success…a new celebration…a new chance to say I believe in you! To celebrate these online connections, we created a student-inspired video posted below:



“Creating” implies hope, vision, courage, and humility. Creation fosters learning, progress, perseverance, and achievement. The field of Speech-Language Pathology has leading edge tools, knowledge, and strategies with great thanks to its S-LPs, who are creators, trailblazers, and relentless learners! At TinyEYE, we create engaging adventures and tools to bring service excellence to our schools…to give all children equal access to quality therapy services. A rewarding aspect of creating is the process itself. Team spirit, collaboration, and the evolution of an idea can be exhilarating. Now and then, once and a while, it is essential to lift up your nose from the grindstone…glance behind you to witness the road you have traveled…peer ahead to realize how much closer you are to your vision…then celebrate. Celebrate the process of creating! Kick up your heels like I did with TinyEYE’s Greg and Roshan – captured in the video below!



Innovation requires a vision that sees beyond today’s horizon. It demands a perception that permeates present-day reality. To have an impact, innovation demands value, acceptance and accessibility. TinyEYE’s team exudes innovation! We embrace the mission that accompanies presenting new platforms, exploring new abilities, and encouraging others to envision the potential of leading edge solutions. TinyEYE’s World Headquarters are at Innovation Place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; however, our online S-LP team members live in multiple continents around the world. Thanks to innovation, we collaborated to bring you the story of an online speech therapist. Enjoy the video below!


HEY S-LPS! Join our session on Saturday, July 17th at ASHA Schools Conference. We will be presenting on ACHIEVING STUDENT GOALS with ONLINE THERAPY SERVICES. Earn CEUs while learning about leading edge service delivery in the Mirage Events Center/Section C1.

Pop by our booth (407) to say hello and learn about having your very own online TinyEYE Backpack!


Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech Therapy Telepractice)

Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…