We Are Here For YOU

TinyEYE’s shared goal is that “Every Session Counts” for our therapists, schools & students.

We hope you feel rested & were able to enjoy some family & friends time over the holidays. As you read this, remember you are loved, appreciated and connection is what really matters. 

TinyEYE’s shared goal is that “Every Session Counts” for our therapists, schools & students. We care that you feel supported at TinyEYE, especially during uncertain times. Our team has been working tirelessly to serve students in all areas across North America and offer accessible quality speech and occupational therapy to all young minds, and now more than ever, we realize the pressing need to offer virtual channels of support for student’s whose routines have been affected by closures or delay starts. 
Many school regions are still navigating between at-home learning and/or delayed starts. School closures are not only disruptive to school lessons, but also kids therapy sessions. Did you also know that January is the second-highest month of the year for therapist turnover? Your TinyEYE support team is partnering with schools to help impacted therapists and students start or return to sessions together.  
Why? Beacuse Every Therapy Session Counts!!

We can manage scaling services up and down and any compensatory time or caseload changes needed.  We’ve had great response to our support this year and have seen thousands of happy TinyEYE kids who look forward to their therapy sessions. We love to help so, let TinyEYE do the compliance work. Please let us  know if TinyEYE can assist with any therapy needs within your school district! We want to make sure you are well prepared moving into 2022.  
I hope that all of our students have remained safe, happy & healthy. Let’s increase accessibility to support for those sweet kids that deserve it so very much! So click the button below to set a time to chat about your current situation and we’d be glad to offer support to you.