A Worm in my Apple?! Caseload Management for SLPs and OTs.

TinyEYE Therapy Services provides caseload management support to Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists through telepractice.

It’s that time of year again. The floors are shined, the desks are in neat, clean rows, and the halls are buzzing with students reunited with their friends after a long summer away. For teachers, therapists, and students alike the first week back to school is exciting and invigorating. You can almost picture the shiny new red apple on your desk.

Then, as stealthily as summer turns to fall, the stressors of new staff and students, program planning, and a growing pile of paperwork quickly surmount.

Photo_-_Exhausted_Therapist2Your full caseload starts to expand as students who may need services are identified and referred to you. You start to realize how much time you are spending on the road driving between schools, and how little time you are spending directly with your students. Your back begins to ache from the weight of the tools and support materials that you are hauling from school to school. It’s still the first few weeks back and you can already feel yourself falling behind on your expanding caseload. You start to realize that the shiny red apple you pictured on your desk at the beginning of the school year may have had a worm in it.

Does this sound familiar?

Therapists throughout North America are overworked. This is not fair for you, and it is not fair for your students.

You get burnt out, and no longer have the time or energy to spend planning for and reviewing each child’s progression. You know that it is not your fault and you are doing everything you can, but as your caseload continues to grow your students aren’t getting the time or the attention that they deserve.

This year, you can change that. As you start to see your caseload increasing, or start noticing that you are spending too much time on the road, consider calling TinyEYE for support. We can work with your school(s) to provide assessments, consultations, and programming. Whether you need a short-term solution to get caught up or a long-term plan for filling your gaps, we can help you give each student the time and attention they deserve by covering your excess caseload. Through TinyEYE’s Virtual Homework program, you can offer practice activities to your students to work on, getting their parents engaged and keeping your students focused on their learning goals between sessions.

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