Are Your Students Still Waiting for Speech Therapy?

Collectively, TinyEYE’s online speech team is the most experienced online team worldwide. We make a difference…and it counts.


“I’ll shine my light for you to see. Your light will grow and shine on me.”


Hi Everyone,

TinyEYE’s online speech team is thrilled to be back in our virtual offices and serving our schools in this new year! As you can see in the picture above, the current view from my office window is inspiring! Once I connect online with my students, the adventure is unstoppable!

Does this feel like your story? You have invested a considerable amount of time, effort, and budget into recruiting, training, and retaining speech-language pathologists for your students. Still, you find your schools to be under staffed and under served. Your students are not only waiting a month or a year for services…in some cases they are waiting a childhood. They face the daily reality that talking is hard, learning is hard, school is hard, playing is hard, and life is hard. As an experienced speech-language pathologist with amazing tricks up my sleeve to make life easier for children, it breaks my heart when I know that I have not reached all the kids who most need help. TinyEYE’s team is here. We believe that every child should have equal access to quality speech therapy services.

Quality speech therapy services greatly impacts student success and promotes a positive self concept so that children can reach beyond the possibilities of today…so they can shine.

Collectively, TinyEYE’s online speech team is the most experienced online team worldwide. We make a difference…and it counts. In addition, we have our cheerful support crew who enable us to promise our schools outstanding services. Let me highlight just a few of our collegues:

JENN: Jennifer is our Operations Manager. She excels in establishing online therapy programs in school districts of all sizes. Logistics are her specialty! She also directs the billing department to ensure all services are productive, student focused, and properly recorded. She has your back!

HOLLY: Holly leads our tech support team. Her calm, friendly nature is just perfect for E-Helper training and trouble shooting technical questions. Holly and her team monitor the therapy sessions to ensure the quality is optimal. Thanks to Holly and her team, our students participate in enjoyable sessions, while our SLPs focus on service excellence.

ROD: Rod is our senior software architect. Have you ever said, “I wish this could do _____”. Rod and his outstanding team are the people who make ______ happen! Together they have created the world’s first completely integrated online therapy platform so that SLPs can reach students for essential speech therapy services. Beyond that, the team responds to the wishes and ideas of our students and schools. Many of our games and features were inspired by children, SLPs, and special education directors who use the system each week! My thanks also goes to this team for giving me an office with a view!

AMANDA: Amanda is the Manager of Service Excellence. TinyEYE has detailed standards of excellence for all of our therapists. You may wonder how we can promise our schools outstanding services when the service is happening via our secure online platform. Thanks to our software and other mandated procedures, we are 100% confident in our services. For example, Amanda is able to join our SLPs in their sessions regardless of where in the world they are taking place. We can see with our own eyes the quality of sessions, documentation, progress, and partnership with the school. Beyond that, our team participates in ongoing coaching and support procedures because we strive to be the expert…the elite. Part of Amanda’s role includes a specialized hiring process that ensures we bring only the best-matched SLP to your students.

KATIE: Katie manages the training and development of our new SLPs. TinyEYE reaches more and more children each month and we often need to bring more SLPs to our speech team. By the time they reach Katie, the new SLPs have made it through the hiring process and the tech check. We know they are ready to serve. Katie provides a thorough orientation and specific training for each new colleague. She sticks with them until they are “ready to fly”. Their primary support leader continues with them as they “reach new heights” by making a difference in the lives of their students.

Whether you need a temporary solution, a trial, or a permanent SLP, TinyEYE is at your service.

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I look forward to connecting with you and potentially giving your students a better tomorrow!



Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech
Therapy Telepractice)

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