Ehelpers Accelerate Success in Online Speech Therapy: Five Reasons Why

Ehelpers are essential to the success of online speech therapy services. Ehelpers have a special role. They are the dedicated people who help to manage the online therapy services at the location of the school.


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Ehelpers are essential to the success of online speech therapy services. Ehelpers have a special role. They are the dedicated people who help to manage the online therapy services at the location of the school.

Online therapy enables speech-language pathologists to provide quality services to students who would otherwise go without consistent support. In regards to accessing student-focused services, online therapy knocks down barriers such as geographical location, budget challenges, persistent or temporary SLP vacancies, linguistically/culturally diverse needs, and overwhelming caseload demands. TinyEYE SLPs meet face to face with their students through their online office. Ehelpers serve as a bridge between the SLP and the school.

Top Five Reasons We Value our Ehelpers

1. They efficiently manage the therapy schedule and bring our students to the sessions. Their involvement maximizes the quality time each student has with the therapist, while minimizing absence time from essential classroom activities. TinyEYE students have frequent sessions throughout their school year. Ehelpers keep the program going!

2. Ehelpers remain with the students during the session. They are welcome to wear a headset to help them hear both the SLP and the student interact as well as to learn strategies for assisting the student. Ultimately, ehelpers ensure the child is set up for success through optimal positioning and participation.

3. Our ehelpers have access to each child’s secure virtual file. They can view the session notes and print documents to share with teachers and parents. This process informs and empowers the people who surround the child and who are committed to his or her success.

4. Ehelpers help our students to maintain their progress and to become the expert with their target skill. Many bring students to their TinyEYE online practice Backpack between sessions to play their activities and practice their skills. Likewise, they help each student review their special word of the week. Other times, they meet with the SLP to learn about strategies to further develop programming.

5. TinyEYE believes it is a privilege to partner with our schools to serve the students. Ehelpers promote this positive working relationship and facilitate a successful program for the school.

TinyEYE SLPs Celebrate our Ehelpers

In our recent newsletter to our schools, we paid tribute to many of our valued ehelpers. Following are just a few of the entries:

  • Candice has been my right-hand person at the school. She has dedicated extra time outside of the time she assists me during therapy sessions to ensure that students received their WOW (word of the week) notes which were a huge help in providing communication to parents and resulted in increased student logins to their Virtual Backpacks! Candice volunteered to continue to use her time to allow the students to practice their skills using their Virtual Backpacks. Thank you, Candice! Your extra effort has and will continue to help the students show accelerated success toward their goals. Submitted by: Jennifer
  • Maureen, Charlotte, Laura and Cindy are magnificent! Their involvement in managing the logistics of a large caseload and ensuring the days run efficiently has made all the difference! I really value our positive working relationship and the fact that we have been able to accelerate the progress of many children. I want to thank them for their effort! Submitted by: Maggie
  • Jennifer has been a tremendous help this year. She coordinates the schedule so that each child participates as much as possible. Each session, she celebrates the student`s success. Working with her has been a privilege. The students clearly appreciate her, too! Submitted by: Marnee
  • I am so fortunate to work with teachers Ms. Yamada, Mr. Masiwemai, and all the support staff who are so dedicated to their students’ happiness and well-being. They have spent hours of time consulting with me to develop the boards for the AAC devices. I feel immensely blessed to be able to be part of these students’ lives … and to continue working with the wonderful staff. Submitted by: Kathleen
  • I would like to nominate Lois as a “Super Star”! …She threw them (the students) a TinyEYE party! Lois helped the students make sundaes, then sent me the great pictures of their fun time. She definitely was a big help both for this occasion and throughout the year. I could not have done this without her! The school is so lucky to have a dedicated and supportive staff member like Lois. Submitted by: Linda

Thank you to all of our ehelpers! We sincerely value your essential contributions to TinyEYE’s online speech therapy program!

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Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech
Therapy Telepractice)

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