Speech Sounds Milestones for Boys and Girls By Age

Speech sounds (articulation) milestones for boys and girls from ages 3-9.

Speech Sounds Milestones for Boys and Girls By Age

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What speech, or letter sounds should my child be able to make? To determine whether a child needs speech therapy, one of the assessments therapist make is a child’s speech production at the word and sentence letter. The therapist then considers the types of errors the child makes, the frequency of letters and the child’s age to help determine whether your child should be recommended for speech therapy.



Speech Sound Milestones Charts

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These milestone charts are simple to use and understand, and can help you to determine whether to seek speech therapy support for your child. Milestones in these charts are based on North American norms. It is essential to reflect on differences from the norms that may be present in your region, for example: dialects, languages, and cultural variances.

TinyEYE’s Boy Talk Articulation Norms

TinyEYE’s Girl Talk Articulation Norms

If your child is struggling to meet his or her speech milestones, you may benefit from private speech therapy. There is no referral needed, and most services are covered by insurance. Find out more here!

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