TOP 5 Online Speech Therapy Adventures for Summer Practice: TinyEYE Gives you the Key

Hundreds of students in speech therapy programs are using TinyEYE’s Online Backpack to accelerate their success during the summer break.


“We created this because we knew your child would know how to grow with it.”

~Marnee speaking with a parent

Hundreds of students in speech therapy programs are using TinyEYE’s Online Backpack to accelerate their success during the summer break. I am about to pass on the keys to you:

KEY for SLPs

SLPs can create individualized, engaging programs for each of their students to access as often as they want over the summer holidays and throughout the school year. Follow this link:


Parents, TinyEYE’s therapists can create a specialized practice program for your child. Likewise, TinyEYE’s Speech Team is available to provide your children with online speech therapy sessions at your convenience during the summer, or year round. Follow this link:


All year long, TinyEYE’s students participate in fun, productive sessions with their speech therapists. Several of our animated games were created using the inspiration of our students. We love making many, many of our speech therapy activities available to all students for extra practice and adventures.

Here are some of our students’ favorite adventures (a.k.a. speech practice):

1. Splashing Laughing Water Fun:

Whether you prefer the mermaid’s lair or the shark tank, you will have a blast searching for your targets under the sea. If you would rather keep you feet dry, join your friends in the boat for an animated round of Go Fish!

2. Time Machines and Magical Travels:

You have taken a time machine back to the dinosaur days….or maybe you will arrive in Fairyland! Either way, there are lots of treasures to unlock and share with your new friends.

3. The Competition is On!

When you are in it to win it, good luck playing our more competitive games. Who will be the champion this time?

4. Pick a Job!

Have you always wanted to work in a clothing store? Maybe you want to work in a grocery store or restaurant. Have you thought of running an animal resort or caring for the neighborhood puppies? We have the role for you. Welcome aboard!

5. Virtual Spaces!

What you see is not what you get! Enter these quiet spaces then watch out! Who is really there? What is really happening in this invisible space? Only you will know!

Are you smiling yet?

Have fun,


Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech
Therapy Telepractice)

Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…

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