Top Ten Reasons Why Schools Pick TinyEYE Online Speech Therapy Services

I would like to share highlights with you about some reasons that schools chose TinyEYE and continue to partner with our team.

Schools Choose TinyEYE

“TinyEYE makes a difference to children. Regardless of where they live…we will be there for them.”

~ Marnee

Hello Everyone,

TinyEYE’s team loves partnering with our schools to serve students. We also value the feedback that our schools provide to us about their experience with TinyEYE. I would like to share highlights with you about some reasons that schools chose TinyEYE and continue to partner with our team.

1. School had no access to consistent speech therapy services, had been without services for more than one year, or urgently needed coverage in the absence of its district’s SLP.

“TinyEYE has permitted our rural school, where all but 10 students are bussed in, to receive support for their speech and language needs. It has allowed us to access and build on what would otherwise be a non-existent service in our area….not unlike many rural areas.”

2. School experienced severe budget cuts and was seeking an optimal option for bringing support to the students.

“Cost and time efficiencies are the administrative bonuses of using this on-line program.”

3. School’s speech-language pathologist was seeking help for an overwhelming caseload. She recommended TinyEYE to supplement his or her service.

“I am so excited to share the TinyEYE information with my colleagues! I am going to be presenting a few of the ways we could use your services at that meeting.”

4. School was seeking a solution for providing bilingual speech therapy services.

“…my Spanish speaking students- they seem to just come alive when they see the games and hear someone who understands their language and can interact with them….”

5. Another school had referred TinyEYE based on its own successful experience with TinyEYE.

“I can’t thank you enough for all you, and TinyEYE, have done, to help us achieve what we hoped to within the school year. We look forward to continuing this relationship……and as I have offered, I would be willing to recommend you to any school district seeking services in your field.”

6. TinyEYE has in-house software development and technological support teams that ensure quality connections, real time support, and daily upgrades.

“Just a quick note to say how grateful I am to all of you at TinyEYE for providing such wonderful service and support. If a problem arises, or a question, the staff are right there to help.”

7. School has peace of mind that each member of TinyEYE’s speech team is mindfully selected from hundreds of potential applicants, followed by ongoing training and development as well as online supervision during sessions to ensure service excellence, based on the specific needs of the school.

“I am the coordinator with the schools. I have parents interested in retaining our TinyEYE SLP for the summer. She is doing a great job with these children, they all look forward to seeing her each week, plus they have gained a great deal from her teachings. Our autistic child has started saying sentences, which we don’t know what has truly brought this together, but she does have a great interest in autistic children.”

8. Teachers, parents, and key administrators have secure online access to features such as schedules, student progress, and practice programs. Services are student-focused and results orientated.

“Hi guys, just wanted to let you know how much I love the new backpack features. Katie’s video clips and notes totally explain in an easy to understand way exactly what each student is working on. It is great how the parents can read the progress notes online. I just sat down with our kindergarten teacher and showed all of this to her. She also felt that she would view the video clips to help become more aware of what she herself could do to help her students.”

9. Confidence in TinyEYE’s history with evolving our integrated platform, educating the public and advocating for telepractice, and the fact that we have provided tens of thousands of quality online sessions all over the world.

“The TinyEYE staff has been outstanding in their response to questions and assistance. Our staff and students are really enjoying the format and are having fun. Congratulations on your latest (Health Innovation) award! We are looking forward to working with your team to meet the needs of our students!”

1o. The “TinyEYE Experience”.

“Thanks so much. We truly love the way your business is organized and see the value of a partnership with you. Thanks again…truly awesome experience! It will be extremely fulfilling to work with your company!

Final note from one of our SLPs who had a ‘frog in her throat’ experience:

“I had a little one try to hug the computer at the end of our session!”


Talk soon,


Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech
Therapy Telepractice)

Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…

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