Back to School Ice Breakers for Your Team!

It’s time to move from summer mode into back to school mode!

We hope your summer was filled with ice cream, sprinkler runs and nights sleeping under the stars. Now that it’s almost September, it’s time to pack up those beachballs and move from summer mode into back-to-school mode. 

As we look ahead to the new school year, we feel promise, hope and resiliency in a world of ever-changing realities. One thing is for certain, we’re confident that this will be THE BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER!!!! In fact, it is our purpose to grow smiles and show kids just how magical they are! 

We offer the best teletherapy service for online speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health therapy. Our seamless approach to teletherapy aims to create lifelong, confident learners – so our therapists consistently show up and make a difference in children’s lives day in and day out. In fact, our therapists know you not just by name, but by heart. Now how about that for some #joblove? 

So, as we head into September and meet our new classmates and work family, we want to share a new, fun online game resource with you. After all, back to school should be fun for students and grown-ups alike! Use these TinyEYE ice breaker activities to start the year on a happy note and you might even learn something new. 😊  


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