Kiva Microloans – Another way we improve education access

Kiva Microloans

“Education is the single best investment in prosperous, healthy and equitable societies.”
– UN Food & Agriculture Organization 

In many countries around the world, education is considered a luxury and not a right. Instead of spending their time in schools, children are working alongside their parents or caring for younger siblings while their parents work. This is unfortunate because education is the single biggest factor in an individual’s empowerment and ability to provide for his or her family. 

Kiva Microloans provide people in the most remote areas around the globe with the power to create opportunity for themselves. This opportunity then allows the parents to build an income for the family and frees the children to attend educational classes. TinyEYE employees have banded together to create an unstoppable force for change, providing well over 100 loans in more than 37 countries.