Five Top Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence: Customer Service Accountability

Customer service accountability is key to growing loyal partnerships that achieve goals. Explore the pathway to earning customer loyalty through our student-focused approach to online occupational and speech therapy.

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Top Five Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence


It is amazing what can happen when people share the same goals,

especially when the beneficiary is a child. 

Hi Everyone,

Imagine how frustrating it would be to feel confused, overwhelmed, and disappointed when trying to establish student programming.  Now, imagine how rewarding it would be to experience clarity, accountability, and outcomes!  As dedicated service providers, it is our privilege to create a rewarding, sustainable experience for our customers.  We are the solution.

Influencing Excellence with Customer Service Accountability

Our therapy team provides online occupational therapy and online speech therapy services to schools.  In our previous post, we outlined considerations for influencing excellence with technology.  When partnering with school tech teams, our aligned goal is to provide the students with an engaging therapy experience, free of technical disruptions.

Our next level of partnership develops relationships with administrators and special education teachers. TinyEYE is grateful to our customers for the longevity of our relationships. Together, we have graduated thousands of students over the years and we look forward to contributing to the next generation of students.

If you are exploring how to create a quality service framework for your customers, what should you build?

Focus: Build systems that result in clarity, accountability, and quality outcomes.  

Start your relationship by committing to a shared goal, such as:

“Our goal is to create a student-focused partnership that achieves the school’s program objectives.”

A student-focused approach ensures all partners primarily consider how decisions will impact quality experiences and outcomes for the children. Problem solving becomes focused on solutions and possibilities, rather than on obstacles and distractions.  Interactions drive clarity and commitment so that our investment together counts for the school and for the students.

Considerations for Making a Difference for your Customers:

  • Design services based on the customer’s aspirations and resources.
  • Adjust services to reflect the school culture and student-specific considerations.
  • Create clarity about the service structure and support team for both the customer and the service provider (i.e. processes, who to call when…). Be accountable for the quality and outcomes.
  • Provide consistent updates about the status of service outcomes (including budget and student progress).  Dig for feedback from your partners and then reliably respond to requests.
  • Partner proactively to achieve sustainable, scalable service that directly influences student progress, school compliance, and therapist retention.  This is influenced by the flow of information, structure of the program, and partnership of professionals.
  • Frame your efforts with “it is our privilege to serve”.  As advocates for the students, we influence professional partnerships that improve lives.  Whether we meet with students face to face or help other educators support students, we are always able to influence student outcomes.  

Behind the Scenes at TinyEYE

“I love when we plant a seed and it grows into a tree.”  

~ Greg Sutton (Co-founder of TinyEYE)

Because we intentionally build systems to meet the needs of our customers, we feel such gratitude when a community of schools welcomes TinyEYE into their mission to support their students. Below is an email from our team member who is building a relationship with one of our districts.  She is simply expressing gratitude to our colleagues because their contributions made a difference.  We refer to messages like the one below as a great TinyEYE story.  Every point in the message reflects intentional customer service initiatives that resulted in our target outcome.  Share with me below:

Hi Nicole and Jen,

I met with the Special Ed Director, today.  Once again, thank you for your feedback.  It was instrumental in our discussion.  We had a very positive meeting–she is extremely committed to TinyEYE and pleased with our services.  Things are steadily improving and she feels that this message is making its way through the schools and administrative staff.  She could not have been more celebratory and happy about the path the district is on with our services.  High five, team!  She spoke very highly of each of you and noted how much above and beyond you are doing on the ground to keep the TinyEYE five in the right order.  We thank you deeply for your commitment!  All of those little things you do are contributing to happiness and joy on the path to student achievement.  It looks like we will be full force with therapy as we start 2014!  We cannot thank you enough!

Warm regards,

Writing Your Success

As you build your partnerships, pause to imagine how your message of gratitude will read once your successful service platform is underway.  Next, draw your map…how will you create the story you want to tell?  Who will contribute?  How will you be part of the solution?  Find strength and clarity in the fact that you are the story creator. Through the highs and lows, you can influence the story to have an quality outcome that achieves the shared goal.