Speech Therapy in Cambodia

This will show you how TinyEYE helps you as a Speech-Language Pathologist perform speech therapy online.

Discrimination towards children with difficulty speaking or communicating is a known problem in Cambodia. TinyEYE provided support to CABDICO, an organization dedicated to the empowerment of people with disabilities in Cambodia. Ratai – one of the many students requiring support in Cambodia – was completely nonverbal, could not stand up and could not complete any independent activities. She has been receiving Speech-Language Pathology services, and is learning to communicate! She has also learned to sit and stand independently and is learning how to walk. A Speech Therapy course has been added to the University of Health Science in Cambodia. Speech therapy was also included in the Cambodian Government’s National Disability Strategic Plan for 2014-18. There are thousands of other children like Ratai in Cambodia who are finally being given the chance to receive the services they need and deserve.