Top 5 Reasons to Become a TinyEYE Online Therapist

What’s stopping you from becoming an online therapist? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should become a TinyEYE Therapist today.

Have you ever wondered why someone would consider moving from a traditional in-person therapy job to online therapy? Are you wondering what the draw might be for someone to switch to becoming an online therapist? Here are a few top reasons we hear every day!

5. Drive top-quality, innovative therapy. 
In areas where there is a therapist shortage or the existing therapists have overloaded caseloads, students often do not have access to the services they deserve. Through TinyEYE you can help provide support to these regions and reduce the strain on therapists who are already working with the students.

“TinyEYE is, by far, the best job I have ever had.  I have worked in the public schools and have also owned my own practice.  I love the hours, the flexibility, the amount of time I get to spend in direct therapy versus doing paperwork, and the support I get from Team Members.  The TinyEYE Team is incredible!”
– Michelle, TinyEYE SLP
4. Unparalleled therapy software. Hundreds of games, fully customizable for each student. Additional tools and support based on your students’ specific needs. Ability to record sessions and moments for later review. These are just a few of the many features of the software used by our therapists.

3. Become part of a flourishing community of therapists. Our therapists are carefully selected to ensure that our schools are receiving top quality therapy. For you, that means a driven, innovative community of therapists available to you for mentorship, correspondence, and continued learning.

2. Spend more time in therapy, and less time on ‘extras’. 
Reduce the amount of time you are spending on traveling, lesson preparation and reporting and spend more time with the children.

Jacob* didn’t wait one year or even two years for therapy. Jacob is 18. He waited his entire childhood. There were no therapists for his school to hire. Now, he sees his TinyEYE therapist every week, and he is achieving his goals. He has grown into a confident and engaging student who has a lot to look forward to in his future.
*Name changed 
1. Change children’s lives.
As an online therapist, students that otherwise face going without services are given access to therapy which can allow children to:
1. Become fully engaged in school and benefit from the curriculum
2. Develop self-help skills and independence for activities of daily living
3. Actively participate in life experiences
4. Build healthy social relationships